The Author

One True Story like no other you will ever find any place!

Gloria Rhoads Berlin and her son William Berlin II only lived a few blocks from Michael Jackson they never knew how famous he would become in the 36 Year friendship from his moving to Encino, California from the city and state of Gary,Indiana. 

"My son went to school with Randy Michael's younger brother in the mid 70's and they became good friends with Michael and his family for many decades to follow" Gloria said...

Gloria Rhoads Berlin started Michael's Mega Million Worldwide Fan Club. Her and her son William Berlin II were the people who found and sold Michael his first and only owned Home Neverland. Better known as the Neverland Ranch.

Located in its own private Valley in Santa Ynez California. Meeting and starting a great friendship with Michael Jackson from the mid 1970's is why Michael could always rely on Gloria and her son William to get the job finished or even started for that matter.

Most of the people around Michael were not his friends and would try to get Michael to do other things with them to prevent his request's from happening with Gloria and Will to complete for him. 

From there battles in Beverly hills Court rooms to enjoying fun days at Neverland with Michael Jackson. There Books hold allot of Michael's life untold by them.