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Michael Jackson mania is alive and extremely well!
Distributor Territory are now opening to sell the fastest selling book to Store and many types of retailers Shops in your own private protected territory. Offering you to work at your own pace in your spare time or full time. Our Books sell well Worldwide.
We our opening the doors 1/17/14 for private distributorship territory's available Worldwide for our current book in release and book series coming out later this fall.
You will be paid top dollar Weekly and part of our publishing company sales force in selling the most well known worldwide Entertainer books to ever walk the planet Earth in Mr.Michael Jackson.
As of Jan.1 2014 Worldwide there are now over hundreds of Million's fan's with large numbers of new fans on a daily basis wanting to read and learn more about Michael Jackson and know much more about the man known as the King of Pop. 
Facebook.com lists Michael Jackson to still hold the top record of fans and friends Worldwide on their website at over 68 Million and growing. Since 2010 the Michael Jackson Estate has made over $700 Million more then any other Singer or Entertainer alive or not.
No wonder our books Warehouse is sold out of stock every 4 1/2 months on average. 
Michael Jackson fans give us the A+ ratings on our amazon.com sales pages over any other books about Michael, Very important as the fans stay in touch with others and spread the word online and other places. see our link here for our amazon sales page at http://www.amazon.com/Michael-Jackson-In-Search-Neverland/dp/0615355730
Current estimates of over 1 Billion fans Worldwide and growing bigger in 2014!
Our current Top selling Book "Michael Jackson in search of Neverland" is now going Global in sales. Current sales terrorists are new and now open for top sales team applicants to apply.
To apply email your resume to Mr.William Berlin at michaeljacksonbookssales@aol.com or fax it in at the number below.
Your sales team Manager will help you with sales, leads, and any extra training you may need 6 days a week. 
For any questions on your sales Worldwide please email michaeljacksonbooksales@aol.com or fax to (800)829-1015.
Every 5 weeks your sales manager and management evaluate your sales for the last 30 days. This gives you the opportunity to be able to apply for a wider sales territory. You may apply for more city's and county's territory if your sales are stable in your current area only at the time of applying.  
Current Pricing to offer Stores or other Retailers as of 1/17/14 below in US Dollars.
1. 64 books box =$720.00 sales price. Your comm $192.87
(free shipping)
2. 32 books box =$372.80 sales price. Your comm $83.98
(free shipping)
3. 24 books box =$285.84 sales price. Your comm $58.95
(free shipping)
4. 12 books box =$147.00 sales price. Your comm $30.91
(free shipping)
5. 10 books box =$122.50 sales price. Your comm $26.95
(ask manager by email for shipping costs to location)
6. Sample consignment 6 pack are only
consigned directly to the Store owners
or buying managers and sent with
Store must promise to have the book in visible location with in 
15 feet or closer of sales check out register to qualify.
Every 30 to 45 days you call and ask how many sold and 
our they ready to buy more. after the 90 days they
must pay the base price of each book at $16.95
or return any unsold items by mail to our Warehouse.
your sales payment will be sent to you when payment is
made by store on our website. Ask your manager for the
consignment code by email and always included the name
of Store, Phone number, and address, plus sales person
you directed consignment with in there Store.
7. All Store's and Retail Managers requesting Book samples from you before
buying should be directed to this page link below. If they said they will not buy
books without seeing one sample please send by email your name and and store address and managers name. We will Mail your sample to them asap. But remember it is allot better to get them into the consignment 6 pack at no charge. See no.6 above for more details.
Link to show retail managers is here http://michaeljacksonbio.com/collections/frontpage/products/book-by-mail-worldwide-shipping
8. With more Books and other merchandise coming in
production very soon gives you the opportunity to sell
to any and all retailers you choose in your sales territory's.
Look for the next book releases in late 2014 in your email. 

Warehouse Address below

Gloria Rhoads Publishing

16161 Ventura Blvd Suite 854

Encino, Ca 91436