Michael Jackson in Search of Neverland (Phone, Tablet & PDF)

Michael Jackson in Search of Neverland (Phone, Tablet & PDF)

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"Michael Jackson was much more then one fantastic close friend that we could ever  ask for in our life" Gloria Berlin said.

He was blessed with the mind of an adult it seemed to so many of us even from his childhood years.

In the year 2009 It was 37 Years of knowing he would be there for us as great close friend's after meeting him in the early 1970's when his family first moved to the city her lived the longest in Encino, California.

Friendship is all they really wanted from Michael, and nothing more than that, it was amazing just knowing him let alone know he honored us as close friends and allot more over the years as well. 

He asked them for even a higher calling then normal friendship!

He called them to talk about his future plans while out on another World tour in 1987.

He put them in charge of making these life changing goals happen for him from buying one of the largest celebrity known Estates to man kind and still the most well known celebrity estate in the world even now in 2017.

From that day forward they became very evolved in Michael's life from business matters to fun events he would host and more. 

Gloria and her son Will lived just blocks from Michael Jackson. "My son went to school with Randy Michael's younger brother in the mid 70's and they became good friends and that is how we met Michael and stayed great friends with him and his family for many decades to follow" Gloria said.

Gloria created Michael Jackson's Multi Million Member Worldwide Fan Club using her Real Estate and Business Consultant services at the time.

Gloria and her son Will also found and sold Michael his Dream Paradise Neverland Estate.

Better known as the Neverland Ranch. Located in its own private Valley in Santa Ynez California.

There new book is now for sale about all there adventures and fun times with Michael Jackson the King of Pop. Great never before seen photos of Michael our in this book as well.

Gloria started off as an actress in Hollywood in her early teens and shared the same agent with Elizabeth Taylor for many years. She Starred in Movies like Guys and Dolls" staring Frank Sinatra and Marlin Brando. Plus "Cowboy" staring Glen Ford and did acting and stunts in Ten Commandments and was in many more films.

She also has her great intriguing insights into the man behind the image and his inner most thoughts. What did Michael really think about his childhood? What were Michael's spiritual beliefs? What was the one thing Michael wanted that he never had.

"It took us close to 3 years of researching many property's while Michael would call us from his Worldwide tours and music and film projects sometimes on a daily basis and sometimes in the middle of the night after his Concerts were over. Sometimes he said by phone I just got off stage and calling you he said" Gloria Said.

"Until that great day finely came and he became the owner of his very own first Home!"

"He loved his Home so much".

It was the only Home he ever owned and lived in it for years.

The other's were all leased."

"He said he would never sell Neverland and his Estate and Trust Team is still part owner of it today at his request!" 

Gloria said..


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